Let It BE

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Listening to one of the most beautiful songs ever written by The Beatles – “Let it be”, my mind began to race. I started thinking!! (Yes, I do that a lot)

My heart started beating fast. It was a rush. I had a sudden flashback of whatever bad happened in my life in my past  in a few minutes. Like a movie fast forwarded. Then came the turn of the events happening at present in my life. Some pleasant ones , some , well not so pleasant. They also flashed right before me and vanished. Then came the worry I have for the future. Questions like, “What next is waiting for me out there?”; “Who is the next person waiting to shatter my heart yet again?”; “Where will I be ?” ; “Where do I want to be?”; and so on.

I had the song on repeat. So it kept on playing. Listening to Sir Paul McCartney singing, “Let it be, let it be.” sort of gave me an insight. Let it BE!!!!! People come and people go. You lose them but in some way or the other, they lose you too. They might not realise it but they do. So let it BE.


There are so many other things to invest your energy in rather than worry about stuff which has already happened. Stuff which is already happening, well you can’t stop it either. And the stuff which is going to happen, well you just can’t do anything about it other than hope for the best and work hard to get what you really want.

Apart from that, LE IT BE. Sit back,  breathe in and breathe out.



Losing Grip

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Darkness encloses,

There is nothing I can do.

I am losing grip,

My fears are coming true.

Its piling on,

one after the other.

Its getting harder to hold on,

I am drowning further.


I am losing grip,

What can I do?

There is nothing to hold on,

My fears have now come true!!


The Healing Process


When a child falls down and hurts his knees. Its painful. His knee is bruised . But more from the inside than the outside. It leaves a blue -black mark and nothing else. The skin on the surface is smooth. What happens then? 

In the next few days , the child forgets about the bruise. Apart from when someone touches the space around it because then it hurts a bit but is bearable. And if someone accidentally touches right at the spot, the pain just shoots up!!!! It takes time to heal. It does heal in a few days. But the process is something which made me wonder, our lives too undergo the same kind of phenomena. 

We come across many relationships in our lifetime. Certain ones just leave bruises which cannot be seen on the surface but go deep within. Even the blue-black mark isn’t there in some cases. And the healing process, well it ain’t easy!! The people who leave those bruises, they sometimes come back, they play around the bruise a bit, causing minute jabs of pain and then another sharp one right at the centre and are gone again.  Leaving the process to be started all over again. 

People say “Time heals all wounds” . True!! But the process is not a bed of roses !! 



Be Strong They Say


In this world filled with darkness, 

You stand alone and fight the evils. 

Be strong they say, 

You are the woman while they are the devils. 


The road is long and crooked, 

Obstacles more than one, 

Be strong they say, 

But its easier said than done.  


You are a woman, 

We know its not easy. 

Be strong they say, 

Your strength makes others look needy. 



For the Day

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We are constantly running . Everyday, every moment. It’s like we don’t stop. From the moment we are born till our last breathe. We crawl, trying to walk, to run, to catch up.  We think of the future. We wake up on Monday and think of the weekend plans. We get married and think of kids. We have kids, we think of their college and weddings. And it goes on and on.

It made me wonder, what do we do for the day- the present day. We should be thankful we are even alive to see the present day. We should be thankful we woke up to this beautiful day. We should think how we can live this day to the fullest. Nobody knows what might happen. But that shouldn’t stop us from doing things for the day.


Work hard in your office so that this day is fruitful. Love you family for the day. So that no matter what happens at the end of the  day you know you loved them enough at least for the day. Help someone in need so that at least you did a good deed for the day. Live for the day. I am not saying stop thinking for the future, but don’t stop living for the day.

Keep on smiling. Live for the day!!


Once Upon A Never

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Originally posted on RichardAnkersWrites:

 Once upon a never
 In a dream within a dream,
 Lay a silver frosted Princess
 Asleep, yet still she’d scream.
 Nightmares were her kingdom,
 Banshees were her foe,
 Waiting for a Prince
 To kiss her, let her go.
 So, when one valiant soldier
 Made his way to Princess’ side,
 The kiss he gave wouldn’t wake her,
 The evil still did abide.
 The screaming echoed round him;
 The tears he shed were true;
 So killed her with his dagger,
 Then took his own life too.
 A Fairytale! Well, maybe?
 But in their deaths they met,
 And married within a new realm
 Of love, without regret.

 (Image courtesy of MimzyandTweaks on deviantart.com)

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Can’t let go!!


You came,

It was lovely.

You wrecked ,

And you left.

I was broken,

I was lost.

I was sad,

I wept.

Still I can’t let go,

What I felt.

Still I can’t forget,

Thinking of you my heart melts.


I try  and I try,

Still I can’t let go!!

You are the death,

Which comes slow.


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