Lets just throw the LEMONS!!

When life pushes you down again and again, there comes a point when you just want to give up!! Phrases like “When life gives you lemons, make a lemonade” make you “I -Might-Punch-U-in-the-face” angry!

Well, sometimes you don’t want lemonades anymore. You are sick and tired of lemonades and all you want to do is THROW the lemons !! How much can a person take ?? What is the price of being sweet and nice and a pushover when all you get is lemons??

The abundance of lemons coming your way make you ponder, is it just you?? Does everything keep on happening to you only? Are you actually doing everything wrong? This realisation follows with a series of self doubts and self loathing. Followed by low self esteem and frustration . Followed by the epiphany that ” Maybe it’s me !!”


By the arrival of every lemon you can’t expect a metamorphosis in me. One might think I am being ludicrous talking about lemons and self loathing. But mind you me, these are some serious facts which lead to the epiphany that something might actually be wrong with me rather than the world. So the lemons have taught me a lot. Most importantly that they have made me hate lemonade, which I used to love at one point of time. Also, that maybe it is indeed me who is at fault. Maybe I think I am doing right but I am most certainly not.

But for now, as one cannot resilience that quickly after repeated blows, lets just throw the lemons.

Fading faith!

We all hear this a lot,” Have faith” . People have been telling this to us for ages to help us calm down in bad situations and to keep our hopes up.

People also tell us ” have faith in me” when they want us to trust them. When there is a calamity or riots , we all come together and pray. Because we have faith. And it works. Doesn’t it ??

My faith,if u ask me , is gradually fading. I won’t say that I have seen the worst situations in my life and hence I am stating so. There are millions of people out there who have seen a zillion times worse situations than I can’t even imagine to deal with. But for me, in this lifetime uptill now, I have seen enough for the faith to start fading.

There is war and there is hunger. There is bloodshed and there is slaughter. Mankind has lost its essence . The ethos which made up the foundation of humanity has vanished into thin air replaced by corruption, hatred and disloyalty. Love has been replaced by lust and disloyalty. Trust is just another word used by people who do not even deserve to use it in the first place.


In the midst of all this, do you blame me if the faith fades away? How can we have a visceral trust that it will all be alright, lets keep faith? I might be sounding negative right now, but as I said, it is slowly fading away. It hasn’t gone entirely. I also won’t budge that easily. Even though its dawdling its way, I am going to keep the tiny bit I still have left and make something of it. It’s life and we need to make the most of it.

Have faith people.

In an abyss…….

First of all I need to apologise to all those people reading this. I haven’t been active on my blog for quite some time now and it isn’t fair to all of you who made an effort to follow my posts and my blog with utmost interest. I apologise to those who expected me to post regularly. Lastly, I apologies to myself for letting myself down by not keeping up with the one passion I have and that is to write.

I stumbled into an abyss without realising its after effects. Life took me by surprise . This abyss that I was into, made me realise that life is not that easy and simple. That fairy tales don’t exist and that words like “get over it” are just frustrating to even hear. How do you get out of it without being the victim? How do you not ask for help and still survive?



People “expect” from you. Lets not get into the fact that they don’t give a fig about your expectations. You peer from the abyss, hoping to see some light, some sense of direction but all you get is darkness and void. This abyss I am talking about, we all have been in it at some point or the other. Some of us maybe in it not yet realising it.

Hope is what keeps you going. Hope is what gives you strength to keep on peering in the dark till you finally see! I might not be making much sense , but there might be  those who are reading this and having  the slightest bit of realisation what I am actually blabbering about.

Get out of the abyss. Its a brighter world out there. I am hoping to get out of mine soon.

When did we grow up??

It seems only yesterday when I was fighting with my mother because she didn’t let me watch the television at night. It seems only yesterday when I couldn’t sleep at night as I had a test the next day and I knew I wasn’t well prepared. The only fights I had with my friends were the ones consisting of them not keeping a seat for me next to them at the auditorium or maybe not choosing me as their partner in the lab.

I would gladly swap those fights, worries and sleepless nights to the ones I face right now.  Now it seems like my desultory actions cause troubles which affect so many lives that I can’t move an inch with having a whole combination of thoughts both good and bad playing in my mind before I take a step. My fight with my friends no longer vanish by the end of the day. They drag along for ages. My arguments with my mother no longer revolve around my television timings. My sleepless nights are not regarding me being worried about a test but about the future which is hazy.


When did we grow up??

As kids,the days would fly and we wouldn’t even realise . Right now, everyday just drags along. I check the watch a dozen times to know if its time for me to be in bed alone and finally sleep, shouting this world out for the night. Everything needs overthinking. We don’t think just for ourselves but for others as well. Some people overdo it and not only think for others but act for others as well which is not taken kindly in this generation. There is a lot of ego, temper and a tumultuous relationship between the heart and mind when it comes to the grown ups .

I am new to all these things, still figuring out the white , black and the grey. Its imperative that I get used to this but it ain’t a walk in the park.

When did we grow up?? When do we get used to it ??

The epiphany of all EPIPHANIES!!!!!

Ever wondered how philosophical we get when we are lone and start pondering about where our life is going? You suddenly decide that you have had enough, now you won’t be a pushover , you will stand up to your peers and boss at work, you will not fall for the wrong boy/girl again, you will not give the power to anyone to break your heart!! You are motivated, its a realisation, an epiphany and you are driven by it. All is good and hunky dory .


Then, comes the time when after a few days , maybe even months, strikes another epiphany!! Its the epiphany of all epiphanies;“You can’t change who you are, you may alter a few things, lessen a few things or so, but you are who you are!!”  This is my point of view, I might be clearly wrong. But hey, I am a human after all,being wrong is like a trait I guess.

After a heart break, we suffer, we swear never to fall for the same shit(apologies for the language) again. But what happens later?! We fall for the same shit again!! And again !! We might want to stand up to our boss at work. We might even do it once, and feel really good about it. But later, maybe in some other organisation or with some other boss, you might be back to square one. I am not saying we cannot stick to our decisions. I am simply putting light on the fact which I stumbled upon while pondering philosophically over a cup of tea on a Sunday morning, we get too many realisations, we even plan to stick to them but sooner or later, we get back to where we started!!

I hope that we all stick to what we decide and we don’t need new epiphanies every now and then to get us on track!!

Keep Smiling

I Was Told……

I was told its going to be easy,

Falling in love ain’t that cheesy.

Its going to be flowers and hearts,

Once you are together , you never part.

sad girl wallpaper (1)

I was told life would be all huky dory,

With tiny ups and downs but at the end glory!!

Blind faith , complete trust;

It has made me  too cussed.

I was told it was all going to be ok,

That I should keep faith and I should pray.

It is a phase, this too shall pass,

My faith has been embedded by shards of broken past.

A Corporate Slave

Ever since I joined the league of those people who earn, I must say times flies by and I have no recollection of it. I mean, weeks go by, and all I do is wake up- go to work – come back and fall asleep in front of the TV.

I am a being passionate about reading and writing. But even since the meteorite of office culture hit me, I hardly have thought of touching my bookshelf or checking my blog. How should I expiate this is beyond me?! I do enjoy my work, but I am slowly killing the passion which truly drives me. Which has kept me going. A book in the hand and coffee in the other is my idea of perfection. But somehow , being a corporate slave makes me think I am standing on a highway and times passes like one of the movie scenes of The Fast and the Furious with Toretto driving like the wind.


Occasionally partying does let me get the edge off, but not as mush as the pure bliss which I get when I do what I ardently love- READ. The guilt has been eating me from inside. How do I expiate it, please let me know. And for all this who work, remember:

“All work and no play, will make you a pathetic corporate slave. “

Writing can heal

Monika Bharti:

The medicine for me that is writing !!

Originally posted on Cristian Mihai:

writing_healing“Writing eases my suffering . . . writing is my way of reaffirming my own existence.”  – Gao Xingian

Have you ever asked yourself why is it that people write? Why is it that they feel this urge?

Perhaps they do so because they don’t want to forget. Or maybe because they write differently from what they think, and only in writing do they find the freedom they so desperately need.

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The silly girl in you !!

Woman today are strong, independent and can take care of themselves . I feel proud to be have come across such woman in my life. But something very peculiar also came to my notice. 

 No matter how content and mature the woman is, there is always a “silly girl” inside every woman. She might be a CEO or a school principle or a tom boy who doesn’t depend on anyone else, but deep down she too has this silly girl inside who has dreams and wishes which when not fulfilled breaks her heart. The silly girl wants to be pampered, to be taken care of, to be told she is beautiful. The silly girl wants to find the man of her dreams, she too wants a happily ever after. 

Most of the woman do not even realise that this girl exists within. They are confused as to why are they feeling this way? Why are they upset if their male friend whom they like (unknowingly ) doesn’t pay attention to their new haircut or isn’t the first one to call them on their birthday? Why do they have this tumultuous relationship with the desires within ? The silly girl tries to come forth, sometimes she manages to scrap the surface for a while, those are the times when one is vulnerable. 


The silly girl is sometimes childish and naive. She is also moody. We women are confused sometimes as we do not know what we are mad about!! That is indeed frustrating for us and the people around us .Well, ask the silly little girl inside you, she will have a list of reasons prepared for you in a jiffy.  

Sometimes listen to the silly girl , let her breathe a little. She can be the cause of your happiness. Let go and give the reins to the silly girl for a short while, it can lead to a long lasting positive effect. 


Tainted heart

I was innocent , 

I was pure. 

I believed in love, 

I was sure. 


You came along, 

Like a hurricane. 

I did not think twice, 

I took whatever came. 


Now there is no drizzle, 

There is no rain. 

All that is left is my tainted heart,

All it feels is pain. 


Tainted heart is all I have, 

All hopes lost with no dreams. 

Tainted heart is all I have, 

Now even my silence screams.