wish to be an author…….

since childhood i have had a hobby of reading books. fiction, mystries , autobiographies,etc.. when it became a passion i do not know. now, as i have entered my final yr pf graduation and i am about to persue my masters in Human Resources i thought came to my mind. many college students write books. so why cant i???

and now after reading many books writtten by indian students like Chetan Bhagat , anything for you mam, love happens -so does breakups…(ironically written by a guy from my college) i have a wish to write on myself.

why not give it a try?!! it is something i want to do. something which i love and am passionate about. there is no harm in trying .  plus having read atleast a 100 or so books i do have some knowledge about writting a book .

i admire J.K rowling a lot. she has had the entire world captivated by her 7 books . she had vision and started the trend of reading books all over again in this age of techy freaks. also as a child i read almost all of Enid Blitons books. also Sydney Sheldon ,Jeffery Archer , Agatha Christie, and currently i am readin the Biography of Indira Gandhi .

its true, Books are your best friends……..


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