the magic stays forever…….

it was 2005 , i was in my 5th standard. i used to read a lot of story books like famous five, noddy, and other enid bliton books. one day my father got me a really thick book , saying that the book shop was full of this one book and it seems to be a very famous book for children. it was really thick. even the name sounded funny to me first. the book was “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”

well, after that what happened is history. then started the craze of harry potter. J K ROWLING  gave me the best present . i read and re-read HP a thousand times. and still it felt fresh. when my boards came near i promised my mother that give me one weekend and i would complete the new book “Harry potter and the Half-blood prince” and wont touch it it my exams get over. that was the craze!!!!!!!

and now, i am 22 years old. in my final semester of engg, and i still get excited by harry potter. i still want to read the books again. i still feel the magic around me when i read about Hogwarts.  and it will stay life long…..the magic can never go……..its in me now. like it is for millions of people around the globe.

its simply magical!!!!!!



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