finally…. the last examination was over and there i was amidst the sea of children celebrating the end of the four years of hard working to complete their engineering and also people sad cus soon it will mean the end of all the fun n memorable times they had. 


it was a vast mixture of feelings that day . every here and there i could see my friends clicking pictures, trying to capture the last moments of being together . but i simply went to my hostel room. i was lying on my bed for a while. a drop of tear rolled down my face. i let it . later i got up n was ready for a marathon of photo takihng and crying and missing my best friends and this hostel n room . 


the next few days this is wat happened all day n night . ” i will miss u buddy” “keep in touch” “plz scribble in my diary”  n the crying…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my GOD!! sometimes i was too strong n wouldn’t feel a thing but sometimes i would jus go on like a hose pipe. 


soon it all ended. all my friends gone. i came back home. my parents were proud that i graduated but i was sad that it all ended.  cus this means the real world now. you are OFFICIALLY a grown up!!!!!!


i dont want to grow up!!!!!


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