i am a wanderer ……..

on this cold morning, i look up in the sky. i see clouds, fog and a little bit of sunshine coming through. its calm and serene. and that is when i start thinking, what am i doing in this world? this is a common question among the young people today. but where does the answer lie? here i am, dreaming…. dreaming that i want to make a difference . i want to matter . even i have good political thoughts. even i have innovative ideas. but what use is all of that if i don’t choose ONE thing and pursue that. 

its not about what you can do. its about what u really want to do. its all about CHOICES. i graduated in engineering. but i never wanted to be an engineer.  but i made the choice so i had to go with it.  its all about choices. else you will keep on wandering from one turn to another never finding your true path. 


i am not talking like a philosopher. its the enlightenment which dawned upon me on this serene morning . so i promise myself, i will make my choice. n will wander on the path which i choose. because if you wander on the path which you choose yourself , you don’t have to blame anyone. 




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