the night speaks to me…..

as a child, i was always scared when darkness fell. when the lights would go out, i would be afraid of the unknown. its the same now. as an adult also , when night falls and its dark i am afraid. but now , the unknown i was afraid of has changed.

night is the time , my mind works in mysterious ways. i think of things i normally wouldnt on a bright sunny day . i think of all the sadness in this world. here i am afraid of the darkness thinking of some ghost whereas all over the world, there are soldiers , guarding their countries at night, in the darkness . and what are they afraid of? not of dying. they are afraid of the future of their families and loved ones if they die.  here i am afraid that if i walk alone in my own home in darkness some supernatural force might grab me. whereas there there are kids who beg on the streets and sleep there in the darkness. what are they afraid of? they are not afraid of any supernatural being catching them, they are afraid of tomorrow. will they make enough money to eat? will they just come under a car and die? here i am, afraid of opening my eyes when its still dark outside as i might see something scary and scream . whereas there are people around the world who have their jobs in the night. watchmen, drivers, people who do night shifts. what are they afraid of? they are afraid their eyes dont close and they dont fall asleep as it will cost them their jobs. then how will they earn a living? how will they feed their families?

and here i was, foolish enough to be scared of the night. finally the night spoke to me. and now i am no longer scared for myself but for the world we live in.



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