stranger in the mirror

” its all about SELF perception” said my psychology professor in my class where half the students were dozing off. i mean, obviously  if you sit in the lecture hall from morning till 4 pm that’s supposed to happen. but this particular sentence caught my attention! hmm….and so started the thinking process.

i looked at myself in the mirror. what did i see? my self?? the common answer would be “yes” . but that is where you are wrong. i saw my “COMPOSED SELF” the self i try to keep and show others. and now i see it myself. i have been so busy being somebody else. i know this is a very dramatic line but its kind of the truth as well. i have actually forgotten how i am. or rather i WAS!! 

the girl in the mirror is stylish, sophisticated, mature and composed. she does everything her parents ask her to do. he never argues, she never fights with people.  she never gets angry. in short a perfect ‘factory setting daughter’ 

but now i am scared looking at the girl in the mirror. she is a stranger. and she is looking at me with eyes which i don’t recognize. its like i am lost. and this stranger is just looking at me , all helpless. what good is this mirror self of mine if it makes me feel so helpless?? its with people all around the world. they are not what they seem to be. many of them are scared inside. many of them are scared of themselves. to show their TRUE SELF. 

i realize this looking at the stranger and then with some courage smile at her. as soon as i smile , the stranger smiles back and i see something else in those eyes. RECOGNITION!! i know this girl. i try to show my self to the stranger and she is co-operates. slowly slowly i see a friend. someone whom i know very well.

if only all the people in this world would try this frequently, this world would be filled with friends and not strangers. 



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