a brand new year awaiting

its 12-31-2012 !!

i can’t believe another year has gone by. time really flies. at this rate i will soon be an 80 year old and won’t even realize it. but there is drill to be followed before every new year. so here it goes:

1) what did you achieve in the past year?

2)what do you plan to achieve in the new year?

3)your new year resolutions?

4)your goals ?

i mean, can we just for once STOP all this and just be happy and be greatfull  that we survived another year. that we are ALIVE. we still have our families with us. that we are happily living our lives with our loved ones. 

for once , can we stop with the DRILL?? i want to enjoy the fact that i am entering a BRAND NEW YEAR of my life. without thinking for once of my goals, achievements,etc. because i am going to spend the rest of the year worrying about that only. so is everyone else. 

welcome this year with a smile and acceptance that no matter how this year treats you, you will give this year a chance. for once, don’t make your resolutions about yourself  but about this world. because its this beautifull world you will in, you owe this world that much. 



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