loving the words……

 “i am in love , i am in love!!!!!” yes , that’s what happens to me whenever i read a new book. is it not normal?? off course it is. all those who love reading will agree with me. and its fiction that really gets into my skin. and its not just me. its all over the world. 

you can see people like me, day dreaming over characters like Damon Salvatore of The Vampire Diaries, Edward Cullen of the Twilight series, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley of Harry Potter series or Christen Grey of Fifty Shades of Grey. but CORRECTION- its not because of the movies  based on them. i am only talking about the characters in the books. its true, those who have read the books seldom like their video versions. though no denying, the people chosen to play the part are pretty attractive and make up for it. 

its the words that describe the character. why else would i swoon for Mr.Darcy of Pride and Prejudice if not for the appropriate words chosen to describe him? i fall in love with all these characters every time i read about them. those words make my heart skip a beat!! and again i must say, its not just me!! and its totally normal.

falling in love with words is so pure. and harmless. yes. i am in love!!




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