in search of……..


we, the human race, cannot live alone. we need someone. or something to distract us from the misery of being alone. that’s what friends are for!!

we are always in search of , as the term goes, “friends forever” . in my case, i had always dreamed of having friends like in F.R.I.E.N.D.S. who are with you all your life through thick and thin. to have friendship like i read in Harry Potter. friends for life. but, does all this really exist? all my life, uptill now, i have had a variety of friends.  many contenders for the “friends forever “position. but then why is it that i am still in search?? in my 22 years of life, i have made many friends. but due to circumstances all of them grew apart. but nothing was ever sour between any of them and me. so , they are still my friends no matter in which corner of the world they may be. then why is it that i am still in search? what is it that i am in search of ? it is said that when love comes in between, friendship goes out of the window. firsthand experience in that. in many cases when boyfriends/girlfriends come, either the friend goes or the boyfriend/girlfriend goes. i have knowledge about all these scenarios, so what is it that i am in search of? a true friend?? love??


then came a phase when i broke contact from all my friends, wherever they were , in whichever part of the world they find out what i was in search of. and then all i did was indulge in books. i read a lot of books and wrote in my diary. and that’s when i came to know, i want to write. that’s what brings the spark in my soul. so i started writing my first book. and suddenly , my search was over. i found my solace in books. in WORDS. i spoke to all my friends again and gave them the news. they seemed happy that i was finally , truly happy. my search was complete. i hope everyone finds out what they are searching for.



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