dear diary……..

i was 13 years old when i started writing in my diary. i was in a hostel that year , in 8th grade and experiencing a change in life. the first entries were actually a little funny like- ‘ i wish that one day i meet Daniel Radcliffe and our hearts connect and we marry each other. i wish i meet nick carter and we date each other. ‘ but then slowly, my diary became more serious. i came in the ninth grade. back home. studies were serious, parents were strict and all i had was my diary. every night, after school and tuitions and homework, i would sit down with my diary and pour my heart out. about how i had no friends because i was a big man’s daughter. how the teachers favored me and the kids hated me but it wasn’t my fault. that the reason i scored good and the teachers liked me was because i had nothing else to do rather than study. that all i had for company was my Harry Potter books which i read and re-read again and again. i started writing poetry in my diary . all my loneliness and sadness was visible in my diary. as i grew older, my diary became an integral part of my life. one after the other, each diary possesses a part of my soul. it helped me grow up. really “grow up”. it taught me that i don’t need anyone . i am strong enough to be on my own



my diary is the reason i developed the passion for writing.its because of my diary  that today i am attempting to write my first book.  all those who have diaries/journals, i can understand what an integral part of life it is. it is your best friend who will always be there no matter what. you can never lie to your diary. you can never be embarrassed . you open your heart to it. and it accepts you. and you can re-live your moments whenever you want. they are immortal , in your diary. 

so, people, if you have diaries, keep on writing. for those who don’t , well i suggest you start as it is the most reliable  friend you will have. 



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