someone to hold on to………..

life takes funny turns. at one point of time,  you think you are so strong that you can stay alone. you don’t need anyone, “to hell with everyone” that’s your motto. then why is it that loneliness starts to bite you from within. you think that the path of greatness is to be taken alone, then why is it that all the great people have someone who has always been there beside them??

why is it that, no matter how hard i try, there is an empty, hollow feeling inside which can be really painful at times? so i am no longer ashamed to admit that -yes, i need someone to hold on to. i need someone to comfort me too. life is too short to be miserable and alone. its too short to be in such a pain. i write to let my feeling out. but i need the presence of someone.

so, people, whoever you think has been there for you all throughout. don’t let go. because you are lucky to have someone to hold on to. it gives hope, confidence and makes you see the beautiful gift life is !! God bless  you all. i am still waiting for someone whom I can hold on to. because trust me the moment i do find that person, i am never going to let go.



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