trust punishes………….

its like someone has reached down your throat, taken out your heart and then stamped on it till its all ready to be fed to the zombies. 

that’s how i felt every time my TRUST was broken. you feel pathetic, helpless, miserable. WHY?? just because you have the amazing quality of trusting people easily and not knowing what they really are from inside. sure!! you really need to be punished for that quality that you display every time knowing that in the past you have been through the entire scene before.  

every person who has had his trust broken , again and again will know what i am trying to say. the others will just smirk and say “so why do you trust if you  know the consequences?” well, i would answer to that -” because our hearts are made that way. we don’t measure people. we simply befriend,love and trust.” but i have this question, what about the people who break the trust? do they get punished?? we read about karma, but does it actually happen?? why is it that the weaker , the kind and the innocent ones are hurt?? 

there should be balance in life, in this universe. i am waiting for that balance to show justice to the people who trust ………………




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