my sunshine……….

on a gloomy day, when you are  feeling blue. when your spirits are low, what do you look for?? some one to comfort you. to hold and say it’s going to be alright. who makes you smile and you don’t need a reason for that. i call it, “my sunshine”

when sadness surrounds me, and loneliness bites me i long for my sunshine to just enclose me with its warmth. who is my sunshine?? my mother. she just hugs me and i do not have to say a word. my sister, who just talks with me and i feel calmness running in my blood. my friends, who come to me and talk their nonsense and i can’t help but laugh!! 

when i get a new book to read and i sit alone and get engrossed in it. what can be better than to fall in the dream world of you books!! when i see that others in this world are suffering more than me. that makes me thank GOD for my life and i am no longer gloomy and i start thinking for the others well being and happiness rather than my own. hoping that the world finds it’s sunshine.



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