forgive and bless………………

children always make mistakes. but parents always forgive them. how sweet is that??  they do punish  but also forgive them. then why is it so different with adults??

i mean, adults make mistakes more than kids. and their mistakes are of a higher intensity than the ones which kids make.  then why is it that when the time comes to forgive we just don’t let go and hold on to all the negativeness?? i agree , i am no saint either. but over the time, being cheated and hurt and then listening to only one  justification for all the wrongs done  “I made a mistake” , i got so tired of holding a grudge against it all, i just forgave the person. and let go completely. i wish i could just give them a punishment like parents do but these are not kids. they are adults who make mistakes which affect people in more levels than one. so , it maybe like a whisper by GOD that just let it go. forgive and bless. you will be blessed in return in ways you will never imagine. why waste my thoughts , my energy and my emotions for something which will not give anyone any good. but cause more negativeness in the environment. moreover, the calmness that flows through you when you know that you have taken the high way, forgiving and letting it all go. there is nothing compared to that.

i say, everyone should follow this. forgive and bless those who make mistakes. this will have a greater impact on them rather than the grudges and the punishment. have faith in this universe and GOD. he works in mysterious ways. God Bless!!



2 thoughts on “forgive and bless………………

  1. Cheryl Petersen says:

    True! Forgiveness is a great way to spend our time, although it can be difficult sometimes. We read in 21st Century Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, “Human beings may forgive, however, only divine Principle, Love reforms. Divine Love corrects and governs everyone.” Thanks

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