perfect family- overrated ………….

i always read in fairy tales,”happily ever after” . i had a smile on my face the moment i read these beautiful words and would start dreaming about my happily ever after. 

but when i grew up, i was brought back to reality from my dream world with a jolt!! this is LIFE.  the more i understood it , the more it became clear that “happily ever after ” doesn’t exist. the term “perfect family” which includes the being happy forever actually doesn’t exist. i mean in this era , where kids step out and live by themselves at an early age, where is the perfect happy family?? where there are divorces and separations and jealousy ??? where is the “happy ” part when people are too busy cheating, killing and destroying ?? 

personally , i think that a perfect family is just too overrated. i mean, God could not have made things so perfect because then we would be God. i have faith in God almighty. and i think that he did not make everything so jolly and positive because then what will we learn? how will we be strong? 

i am thankful that God made difficulties because that makes us realize the importance of family and love. it brings you close to your loved ones. i know we say that sometimes we hate our family, we think we were born in the wrong family , with wrong people, but at the end family stays together.  its family who is yours, nobody else. at the end, you thank God that no matter if your family is not perfect, not filled with laughter and love all the time, its YOUR FAMILY!! 

so people, don’t be sad that your family ain’t perfect, because according to me, PERFECT FAMILY is just too overrated.



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