happy for no reason………..

it happens to everyone! some people realize it, some stay in the dark.  you find yourself elated, smiling for no particular reason. that ridiculous smile makes others think you have gone crazy when on the other hand, you are so so happy inside. you are in your own little dream world where no one can touch you and your happy bubble. 

today was such a day for me. the weather seemed so pleasant. the air felt fresh and soothing. i was smiling like some idiot while my friends were busy talking. then i thought,”why exactly am i happy?” and my smile widened- i had no reason!! and it felt so good. why do you need a reason to be happy? can’t a human being just be happy?? he is alive, living this life gifted to him by GOD. its all so magical, why wouldn’t he be happy? 

smile like an idiot as long as you are happy. its like a secret which everyone wants to know, but no one can ever know!! 



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