where is the circle of life??

ever since we get into our senses, we are taught that bad things happen to bad people and that good things happen to good people. that no matter how bad life treats you, sooner or late, life is good again. read it in all the mythological books as well. but now, in 2013, in the real world , i am actually waiting for this “circle of life” to appear!!

where is it?? why aren’t the people who did wrong to me realizing their mistakes? why aren’t they suffering?? why isn’t some lightening striking them and teaching them a lesson?? then , suddenly, realization struck me!!!! “get over yourself!!!!there are more important things in this world than your high school and graduation dramas!!”

yes, its so true. there are millions of jobless people, people who are dying with hunger, diseases, etc.. and all i care about is my childish problems?? i should be waiting for the circle of life to be implied on the people who create WAR! who are terrorists, who kill people, who rape innocent girls, and who take advantage of the poverty of down-trodden ones.  those problems are bigger than mine. still i can’t see the circle of life!! where is it??

have you seen the “circle of life” being in action?? if you have then please let me know, because i am in search of it desperately!!!!



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