“hold my hand”

sometimes how helpless one feels? how lost? how miserable that you feel bad for yourself? everyone has felt this at some point or the other. what happens then?? GOD is watching you. waiting to send you the ray of hope that you desperately need. and when that angel comes in disguise, and says ” don’t worry, everything will be alright. hold my hand” your eyes see right through that person. you know its an angel sent by GOD. 


how many times has it  happened??!!!! when you were a child and you fell down and you cried, your mother came and gave you her hand. half your pain would go away that instant!!when you were in school and you hadn’t finished your important assignment and you looked helplessly around, your friend would appear with a copy of it and say, “here, now you can complete it fast and submit it” you would hug that friend with such gratitude that even you wouldn’t realize. when you were sad and lonely and your best friend or girlfriend/boyfriend  would just hold your hand and say nothing yet say all the comforting words you needed to hear, you would feel so good. what is all this?????Image

it’s GOD sending his angels again and again whenever you need them and it is HIS way of saying “don’t worry, just hold my hand” 



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