take me to the moon……………….

it’s like i am screaming and yet i am so silent that people around me think i am dumb and stupid and senseless. that i don’t understand anything. that i am still a child. but I AM NOT!! 

i want someone who actually knows what i am going through. enough of the childish treatment!! i don’t want sympathy. i want a friend. a support. i look up in the sky and see the moon and all i can think of is “please, can someone take me to the moon!!its so beautiful and calm.so lovely” but there is NOBODY. 

why is it that people judge you once and then don’t even care to check again? why is it that even at 22 i feel like a lost 8 year old girl ? is my savior ever going to come? will someone really come some day and take me to the moon? or does all of that only happen in books and fairy-tales? is reality that harsh?

can someone please take me to the moon? 



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