tear drops……

“i love  being in the rain because no one knows i am crying” read it so many times ,so true…………..


one does not have control over them. when a kid gets hurt, tears just fall out like a water-fall. a kid doesn’t shy away from crying. then as adults, why are we so ashamed of showing our tears?? is it a sign of weakness? i think not. if we are not shy to smile uncontrollably when we are rejoicing then why is it that when it comes to crying, its something to hide??

in times of loneliness ,tears have consoled me. when i had no one. when loneliness surrounded me, tears came in my eyes. i cried my eyes out. after a while, i would be quite and calm. all sorrow gone. because i had let it all out. funny things, these tear drops!! when you are hurt and you cry, it takes the pain. when you are lonely and sad and you cry , it gives you pain for a while and then you feel light.

don’t shy away from your tears. it’s not about being weak!! i learnt that. you do too.



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