am i READY??

“this is normal. totally normal.” i keep on telling myself. it must happen with every other person i think. yes it does!!i am a also human. its obvious that if i decide to do something, i tend to get nervous,get cold feet, loose confidence. and sometimes even loose the wish to do it. so what?we humans tend to get scared , but we do buck up in the end!!

this happened with me in numerous occasions. when i was 10 years old, i was enrolled into dance classes by my parents. when i went there, all the kids were already old students there. i was new and shy. i asked myself “am i ready??” but the moment the music started, i knew it. or rather my body did, that i was ready. there was no stopping. dancing became my passion . i wasn’t ready, but my parents knew i was. 

in school, i was asked to enter a debate competition. i thought i was ready, confident. i went up on the stage. the moment i saw the crowd, i forgot everything. i wasn’t ready. i cried later. the next time, again i was asked to participate by my teacher. i asked her, “am i ready??after what happened the last time?” she nodded . and YES. i won. i was indeed ready. i did not know that but my teacher did. 

in the year 2012, i was alone. always reading books and writing in my diary. talking to no one because i just did not feel like. then my friend suggested, you love writing. why don’t you write a book? “am i READY??” i asked again. but this time, it was me who answered confidently “YES ,YOU ARE READY” and i took the plunge.

 i realized  that we humans always need someone else to answer for us.  when someone else says that “yes, you are ready” “you can do it” we actually can. we are a very dependent race.  we need the love and confidence of others in us for us to be confident. that was my happy realization. so i am glad to say that, “YES, I AM READY!!” 



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