that hospital room……………..

“excuse me nurse? which room is it again?” ,he asked . “room no 242”, replied the nurse without looking up. he looked it up on the chart showing the directions for the rooms and went ahead. he opened the door and there she was,  asleep on the bed. looking so weak and fragile . with needles supplying her with glucose . he did not make a sound still somehow she sensed his presence and opened her eyes. 

she managed a small smile. “hey”, said daniel slowly.  he went up to her bedside and pulled up a chair and sat. ” thanks for coming buddy!!” replied monica in a weak voice.  he shushed her. “where are the others??” she was asking about her other friends. they were a group of four friends and always stayed together. ” they are on their way, i came early. ” 

she closed her eyes and said, ” i look pathetic, don’t i?” to which he replied ” you look beautiful to me ” 

then they both went silent. he did not realize how he felt then. but it was true. she looked to him like the most beautiful girl in the world. and he could keep on looking at her. what was happening to him?

why did he say that?, she thought in her mind. they were friends , but this felt different. is he feeling sorry for me because i am so sick and helpless? is that the reason he said that, to make me feel good? i don’t want his sympathy! what does he think of himself? 

then all her other friends entered with flowers and balloons. he got up and went outside. david , one of their friends followed him and asked “whats up?why did u come out?” daniel explained to him what happened and also what he was confused about. david said that he needs to figure it out and he will help him. when the visiting hour was over, the nurse asked for one person to stay back. david took daniles name. and so it was decided that daniel will stay to take care of her. 

monica thought something was going on. later that night, he was sitting beside her. monica frankly said ” you know, you don’t have to feel bad for me. i am fine. i have my friends. i do not need your sympathy. and i know i look weak and pathetic!!” the moment she finished her sentence, he kissed her. she was shocked for just two seconds, but then it felt so right she continued. 

she was in his arms all night and they just talked and kissed. he kept on saying ” you really look beautiful” and this time she believed him. it was love.

it’s in times like these , when one comes to know how much someone loves you. you open a hospital door, and you see- a man taking care of his woman who is at her worst but still loves her. when a woman is at her worst she can be, still the man says ” this is my woman, and she is the most beautiful woman i have set eyes on” then you know , its true love. 

that’s what monica realised in that hospital room. daniel loved her no matter what!!



it’s my first attempt to write a short story. hope you liked it. 




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