stop with the sympathy……………

“poor little girl, i feel bad for her” , “i feel upset when i look at the life she is leading” and so on…………….

these are the sentences which make me feel like ripping my heart out and throwing it away so that  do not feel anything. why are people so generous when it comes to sympathy? why do they sympathize and feel like they have done some great charity work?? when you see a child, a beggar, cold and hungry, what do you do? just feel bad for them, sympathize and go?? you should do something about it. take the child to some shelter. give the beggar some food and clothing. that’s the right thing to do.

why is it that if a girl has a bad phase going on, issues in her life that she can’t help herself, people talk about her like she is a helpless child lost in the woods?? what will she do of your sympathy?? will it make her feel better?? the answer is -NO!! she needs love. she needs friendship. she needs support. not your hollow words. but gestures.

people sympathize, they feel bad for her. then what?? they forget and go. they take her to be a poor little girl. they do favors just because she has already been through a lot and they want to show that they are sympathetic. but the truth is, theses things kill her more from inside.  then comes the phase when she thinks that everything done for her is out of sympathy. be it love or friendship.  she cannot trust anyone  because what if she thinks its just pure gestures coming from heart but they actually are just acts of sympathy for a poor creature.  what good comes out of sympathy if done beyond an extent? she screams at the top of her voice “Stop with the SYMPATHY! ALL I NEED IS LOVE”

seriously, i agree, too much of everything is bad. so please people, stop with the sympathy!!



2 thoughts on “stop with the sympathy……………

  1. KEVIN says:

    whooo the hell would ever even consider such a DREADFULL THOUGHT!!!

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