that strong lady………………

have you ever wondered , why do all the fairy tales revolve around woman? its the woman who suffers so much . all the heart breaks, all the pain mental and physical. but in the end, she is so strong that she overcomes all of it and gets what she deserves. please tell me this happens in real life as well!! all my life (just 22 years of it ) i have seen some really strong woman.


that strong lady in the fairy tales and classics- what is she made up of?? she looses her loved ones even though its not her fault. she is alone. yet, she is strong and keeps on moving ahead. she is mistreated and down trodden. yet she manages to keep the love in her heart intact. she losses her only love. she is accused. she wants to die. but does she?? NO. she is strong. she takes in everything that comes her way and carries on. bidding her time.

after a certain amount of time, she is again face to face with her weakness- her love. she falls weak within but outside she is strong and mature. inside she is still a teenager in love and wants to remain that way, but this world has made sure of it that it never happens. the world and its people have transformed her. she can never be that innocent girl again. so , she remains strong.

she sorts out everyone’s life. she helps everyone to get out of their mess and inside she is screaming , when will i be rescued? when will my time come? will it come??


but its the circle of life. she gets what she deserves. she gets paid for being so strong and tolerant and patient. her wait is over and finally she smiles . that smile which was lost somewhere is now back.

i look up to that strong lady. hoping , wishing that every girl gets her happy ending.



4 thoughts on “that strong lady………………

  1. Akanksha says:

    This is indeed a thoughtful topic & yes women are strong… Emotionally strong.. they can go to any extent out of concern & care for their loved ones…they follow their duties so religiously…
    It may sound ironic that women are said to be soft hearted & too emotional t deal with difficult circumstances… but actually speaking it is this tenderness in their heart that help them face all that comes…

    If I relate this to science…I would just say men are like hard & brittle piece which are strong but break easily…
    Women are like flexible, ductile piece that can mould itself with situation & come out without breaking…without damaging…

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