trapped in feelings…………..

“please help me, i am trapped!!”  cries the girl . but everyone looks at her , confused. “trapped??” , they think. where is she trapped? she looks completely fine. she looks healthy and hearty. she is well off. she has everything she needs. people pass her by thinking all this without a second glance. and she is left alone amongst a sea of people.

its funny, that sometimes it’s your own feeling that trap your true self. it’s the emotions and feelings within you that stops you. that something is holding your true self. you like someone, you feel for someone. but you are scared. about the world, the people. this leads to a change of the behavior, you are not your true self. your feelings kill you from inside. you want to be normal, but you are trapped because of your feelings.

when you are sympathetic towards someone. you feel bad. this changes your actions towards that person. even though you want to be normal and you want to be true with that person, the sympathy over rules you. the care you show is out of sympathy not love. even though deep down you want to be true and not sympathetic.

when a child does something wrong. something which is morally wrong and it’s huge. the mother knows. but her feelings trap her . she loves her child. even though she knows she should take an action, she should set it right,  she cannot act. she is trapped!!

all of this shows that we, the human race, at some point of time are trapped in feelings. only when we gather the courage to overcome these feelings and act on what is right will the world be a simpler place and also a better place.




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