unexpected welcome……….

ever wondered , when you are sad and you ask everyone to leave you alone. when you have fought with everyone you know, when you do not want to discuss and argue anymore. you go out alone, for example to to a cafe or for a walk in the park . you have a sudden feeling deep down to just talk it all out with someone who is not biased. who is not related to anything which is bothering you. 


you talk to that one person. you let out all your feelings in front of that person. he just listens. he doesn’t utter a word. he is just letting you go on and on. because that’s what you need . to just go on and on without someone judging you or stopping you to tell their opinion. 


and what you get out of it?? you get an unexpected welcome. that person is so welcoming. he welocmes you in his world for that instant when you need someone the most , even though you want to be alone. truth is , no one ever wants to be alone. no matter what. and the feeling is so good. you feel light . like a warm hug, the welcome is like sunshine spreading the warmth slowly within you. 

such people , who come in your life, with the unexpected welcoming smile and nature , touch your lives when you least expect and leave. they are like angels. if possible, keep them close forever  because they will always welcome you , at every point , they will never shut you out no matter what. 



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