the memory murder…………….

Human beings have a funny way of torturing themselves. They have mastered the art of being in misery and making sure it doesn’t go easily. That’s what memories are for. 


There are good memories and bad memories. You keep the bad memories away as much as you can. You even succeed. The happy ones stay with you forever. But what happens when the same happy memories are the cause of all your misery? All your sadness? What happens when you think of those happy memories you feel like ripping your own heart out and throwing it in the Pacific Ocean ? 

I wish i was allowed to just murder those memories. Brutally kill them so that they may never cause me the pain i feel. those happy memories torture me now. Funny , how something which made you so happy once can break your heart into several pieces . I want to kill those memories from my heart , my soul. Am i the only one who feels like this? Or is this world filled with people like me, who want those once “happy memories” now killed forever. Because they cause more pain and misery than the unhappy ones. 

Show me a way, to get past this. Else its gonna be a bloodbath of memories………….the once happy memories.



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