growing up-an art

this is life we are talking about. obviously it wont be easy. it will have its ups and downs. all the ups and downs are a part of growing up, right? but why does it have to be so difficult? like really difficult, more than any course ever taken in any university ?

when i was a child, about 8 or ten , i used to think, i wish i grow up fast. cannot wait to live the grown up life. we are mature, no one treats you like a kid anymore. everything would be so cool. well, NO. nothing is cool. when i grew up, i found things to be messier. here were the things which i think create the maximum pain, chaos and sufferings; 







funny part is the same things i mentioned above are the things which give us JOY and HAPPINESS. which makes us love our life and the growing up part. growing up can be fun, but you have got to take it slow. take it in your own pace, not according to someone else. every person is different. everyone has a different perspective towards life. 

for me , growing up is an art. still learning how to master it. till then enjoy  this phase to the fullest. 




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