lost but not found………………..

so here i am…at a point in my life , where everything is falling apart. its like one of those scenes of 2012 where the earth is splitting apart, the waves are enclosing every space and nothing else exists. everything is lost. simply lost and never found.

normally, when you loose something , you have a scope that you will find it in the lost and found section . you put up notices everywhere. like; ” lost, a cell phone. black  iphone. near the cafeteria. if found please contact________”

what about things which you cannot put up notices about? love? trust? friendship?family?


i have learnt so far in my life , that somethings are lost but are never found. you might get replacements. but never the same thing.they are lost forever. am i the only one who thinks so?? i don’t think so. this is world people, people like me are there everywhere. broken from inside, still looking for something which deep down they know they will never find again.

infact, there are moments when I feel as if I am lost and I cannot find myself again.



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