a hug in time……………

though i love writing and i prefer expressing myself through words, many a times i felt that words are just not enough. sometimes words fail you.


when a child is crying, no matter how much you ask him to calm down , he wont. the moment you pick him up and hug him, he is quiet. no matter how sad , a mothers hug takes all the pain away. when you are at your lowest , your friends poke you again and again, “tell us whats the matter?” ” are you sad, talk to us?” this doesn’t help. but the moment that one friend comes and hugs you, you just break down, cry your heart out, and when you are done, the words come out on their own and you are ready to talk. 

when someone has had a family tragedy, you don’t go and talk. you don’t go and ask questions, all you do is hug the person. a hug says it all. 

sometimes a hug in time saves you. it really does. 



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