i should have…………..

there are times when we sit and regret things done and not done. there are times when we sit and hate ourselves. why so?? because it’s when we are alone and reliving certain moments that we realize the things we should have said and done. but we DID NOT!!

it’s sometimes funny as well. after a huge fight, you get all the good arguments you should have made. and then you are like, “damn, i should have said that. i would have owned the fight then.” 

it’s sad as well. some relationships get over because you don’t act at the moment and later u think, “i should have done this”, “i should have said that” then maybe, life would have been easier. the reason a few men reach greatness is because they did not wait to sit alone and just think, “i should have……” they just did whatever it took for them to get what they want.

 I hope that everybody acts NOW. don’t wait for the time when you are alone and think, “i should have………….”



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