the view in my head………

many a times you find yourself day dreaming. you find yourself thinking of something which isn’t around you at that moment. you have this picture in mind. a movie running in your mind which makes you more happy than you are in the current situation.

that’s what i call the view in my head. i like the view in my head better than the view i get in reality. you like someone, he is in front of you. he is simply talking to you . that’s the real view of him which you have. but in your head , he is holding your hand and walking on the beach. that’s the view you enjoy .

an old lady is sitting on the bench of a park and just looking out in the space. she has a beautiful view of the green park and the kids playing, but in her head, she has the view which includes her lost husband in the same park with her. that’s what she likes.

when you look at the poverty and the war, you automatically think of  some way to make all this go away for a happier and healthier world. that’s the view you prefer .

most importantly, you wish inwardly that those views become the reality. till then , all you can do is enjoy the view in your head.



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