losing myself…………

at this point of time in my life, where career , family, friends ,power, position all seems so important, i forgot one thing which was utmost important. MYSELF………


seems like in the pretext of making others happy, worrying about the future and the people so much, i forgot who I am . or who i was!! i know that what is right and what is wrong, then why is it that still i feel lost? why is it that i haven’t found any true happiness. it’s like i have everything still i am not happy. i am not happy with myself. i don’t even know myself anymore. in order to fulfill everyone’s wishes and in order to fit in with this big bad world and it’s people, i have lost myself and i am not able to recover. 

this feeling is so hollow. what is someone supposed to do if you lose yourself? how am i supposed to find myself again? things get piled on in life if you don’t clear them up. and i did not thus resulting in losing my own identity. waiting to recover…….



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