why do we humans make simple things too complicated? why don’t we speak our mind?why is it that we over think and mess everything up? all these thoughts pester me. only then realization dawned upon me!!

can’t we just get over ourselves and our ego , walk up to the person and just say,” i love you, and i know so do you. so , please, say that you love me and get done with it!!”


what is with all the anxiousness?why putting yourself through all of the turmoil? life is simple, keep it simple. there are more things to worry about rather than this love whirlpool. if you love someone, it is the greatest gift of all. so love and live. if you love then say it, if you don’t then make it clear. but please, SAY IT!! at least when you know it clearly, you can move on……

so, people, just say it, whatever is there in your heart.



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