The Lies and The Love

Our heart skips a beat. We feel as if we could fly. We smile for no reason.Only one person matters, nobody else. That’s what it feels like to be in love. Am I right?? 

Then why is it that it all ends in tears? The why is it that the dreams shatter? Well, its simple. Half of the time its all a lie and not love. That’s what is going on in this generation. It’s all a lie. 

“I’ll be there for you” ; “you can trust me” ; “i love you so much” ; “you are my best friend, always will be” ; “I am at fault, not you” ……………and so on. 


Why is it that most of the time its lies and not love? That one person trusts and the other breaks it ruthlessly? The after effects are also amazing. The one who’s heart is broken, its like he or she is damaged from deep inside. They have problems trusting again. Loving again. 

So people, one lie can destroy someone forever. Its all about the Lies and the Love.





3 thoughts on “The Lies and The Love

  1. Gary C says:

    Very sad blog – Don’t you think that feelings change – the initial falling in love is the ultimate high, but as with all things, people change and so do their feelings?

    I wouldn’t call them lies – I would call them truths at a certain point in time.

    I hope you fell better soon

    • monika says:

      yes, i know what you are trying to say. but still many a times , i have found lies. so it’s my point of view.i understand yours.
      thank you for visiting my blog. 🙂

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