laugh it off!!

So here I was, again in one of my depressed modes. Thinking of all the negative things in my life. How bad the world is, how mean and selfish the people in it are and so on. The usual sad ,depressed thoughts. 

I decided to do some cleaning of my room and lobby. I put on my headphones, selected my favorite playlist and started cleaning. I did not even realize but soon I was dancing and working. My friend walked in but I did not notice because of the loud music an the fact that I was totally into the music. She stood there for like five minutes and watched me (smiling). When I turned I saw her , along with two other friends of mine. I was embarrassed but not much. After about ten seconds of embarrassed silence , I laughed. I laughed hard.They laughed with me. All my sadness, my depressed feelings were gone. Vanished into thin air. Why? Because I just laughed it off!!


Realization hit upon me. Small things can also make you happy. Being with yourself can also make you happy. You don’t need someone else for that. Just laugh it off, whatever pain and misery you have. Forget it for a while and laugh. Embarrassed ?Laugh it off!! The world will seem like a better place then. 



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