It Doesn’t End……..

Life is never simple. If it was then we would be Gods. But we are simple Human Beings with complicated lives. 

I came to realize one little thing. Well , it ain’t too little as a matter of fact. For me life is magical in its own way, both good and bad. I hate reality. Because lets face it, reality sucks , big time. I was walking down the memory lane when sitting alone idle. And a few things came to my mind which brought tears in my eyes. Certain incidents which took place ages ago, certain people whom I had forgotten and chose never to think of again. Then why?? Why did I cry? Why did it hurt as if it was just yesterday?  I thought it was over, it was the end of that chapter. But here’s the thing. Its never the end. It stays with us in some or the other way. Maybe you do not realize it, but it does. 

You loved someone, they broke your heart. Its all over now. You have moved on. But the hurt still remains. It overrules your emotions when the same situation occurs again. Its not the END. You failed terribly once. It was a long time ago. After that success never left you, but the fear of that one failure always remains. It never ENDS. You think it’s the END. It’s over and you won’t have to think or feel like that again. But you are mistaken. It never ends. It comes back to you in some or the other way, and when it does , you get a marvelous flashback in High Definition(HD). 


So please don’t be in the delusion that it’s the end. Just be ready and stay strong. Have faith and keep on smiling at every situation that comes your way. Because even the strength and faith never ENDS.



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