empty words…….

words are just words!! 

but are they just words??

I have always been good at writing my feelings down rather than saying. because I have always been scared as to how someone else would perceive my words. what if I say something which means something else to someone else. 

one goes through every emotion in his life. happiness, pain, love, sadness, depression and so on. all these are a result  of someone else’s actions and words that come out of their mouths. 

I can take the words which hurt me on my face, I can take those words which criticize me and insult me. the words which I cannot take are the “EMPTY WORDS” . these are the words which hold nothing inside but on the outside mean everything. these words are nothing but a LIE. 

words like– ” i will be there for you” ; “you can count on me”; “you can trust me” are said and heard many times. it seems like they mean everything but actually they mean nothing. they are empty and treacherous. I am scared of those words.


so people, words which hurt you on the face are still better than those EMPTY WORDS which make you happy for a while but are actually a building foundation for a long journey of sadness.  




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