black, white and grey!!

Growing up is huge a task!! Because it is to be done both mentally and physically. Agreed?? 

While witnessing the real world or rather just a glimpse of the real world, it struck me how different everything is . When we were kids, back in kindergarten , our parents told us not to talk to certain people. They were “BAD”. The people who we were allowed to talk to and be with were the “GOOD” ones. How easy and simple. 


Not anymore. Things are not black or white in this REAL world. No matter what country, what continent or which pole you live in. Things are no longer GOOD=WHITE OR BLACK=BAD. There are many bits of GREY everywhere which are hard to recognize. We misinterpret certain things for being white but in true sense they aren’t . 

Life can be confusing. We have grown up in an environment where things have been easy. A YES or NO, never a MAYBE. And suddenly we are shoved in a world full of MAYBEs=GREY.

Things which are not right still we have got to comply and do it. It scares me that the world is no longer simply Black and White. 




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