open your eyes……..

Many a times, we are too self involved that we overlook certain things which actually matter more than our petty issues. I know, it’s easier said than done. Forgetting about your worries and concentrating on other’s. But atleast we could all try!!

Think about it.

Can we just for once, open our eyes and see this world in a different light? We crib about being fat and throw our food which our mummy makes . There are 10000s of kids in this world who die of hunger. We attempt to suicide when we do not get into our dream college, there are 10000s of kids who are uneducated. We are worried that our boyfriends/girlfriends are not replying to our calls. What if they are cheating on us?? What if they are? Your life is not dependent on them. There are soldiers manning your countries day and night without thinking all this and putting your safety and your countries safety before them. 


I know, our problems are also important but sometimes we need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. We need to open our eyes and see!!



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