paranoid much!!

So it’s the era  where break-up and depression is a frequently seen event. I mean, I myself being a victim of both the scenarios can relate to it. First the break-up and then the depression. But what follows after that?

Being PARANOID. It came to my notice that it is commonly seen after a heartbreak, a breach of trust or a mishap- the feeling of being paranoid. Yes, you are always too much aware of everything around you. You read too much into everything. Some people call it being vigilant but too much of it is being paranoid. 

Take for example, after a car accident, a person will always be paranoid being in a car even on a  remotely fast speed. After a heartbreak, even if a genuine person comes in your life, you will find it hard to believe. A breach of trust is very hard to overcome. 


“Paranoid much!!”, people would say. Well, the answer is YES. We are paranoid and we cannot help it. Sometimes you just cannot. It’s life and it’s phases. It will pass, just hold on tight till the storm settles down. Try not to read too much into things which might possibly be good for you in the future. Give life another chance. 




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