the other side of me………….

looking out the window, 

I see, 

the people passing by, 

like numerous fish in the sea. 


the ones who know me, 

know only one side. 

because even I am confused ,

about the other side of me!!

By Monika Bharti 


It is my observation that everyone has two different sides. Juts like two sides of a coin. The one we portray and the one within. Some people are aware of what their other side is. As for some, like me, are not fully aware. I am a friendly , happy go lucky , funny girl around all my friends and family. I laugh , I dance, I joke. But I realised that when alone, I am the saddest person I know. I do not feel good about myself. I feel that I do no exist. I am not happy with myself. I feel lonely and depressed. I tend to ignore people, phone calls, trying to stay alone. Only when I am in situations where I cannot avoid encounters I hang out with people and end up having  a gala time. This made me think, the other side of me is so depressed. There is something which is missing and upsetting it. I hope I get to answer this quest soon. 


Similarly , there are many people in this world, who are not aware of their other side. Maybe, a person who has always been calm all his life, has anger  buried deep within. That could come out in his other side. The person who is a bully is actually sad and in need of love, that could be his other side. You may call it psychology or maybe just soul searching. As for me, I am yet to fully discover my other side. 




2 thoughts on “the other side of me………….

  1. Sreejit Poole says:

    sometimes I feel that I have quite a few other sides… It’s hard also when you feel the side of yourself that you might like the best is not necessarily the side that others like… nice post.

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