Mother knows best!!

I was watching this movie called Tangled and I heard this song, “Mother knows best” and it hit me. Mothers actually know whats best no matter what. Think about it!!

When you are in your house, and you cannot find a certain thing in your room, whom do you call for help. “Mother, I can’t find my headphones.” And you mother would come and somehow would find them. When you are hungry and craving for some specific stuff to eat, you just have to ask and she would make it. And the food mothers make always tastes heavenly. Like nothing could taste better . How can they make everything they cook so delicious. 

When I used to go shopping with my mother, I would always pick up terrible clothes and she would force me to buy something else. I would crib, I would irritate her, but when I actually wore what she choose , I would realize that it looked amazing on me. Her choice was the best for me. 


She is the first person to wake up and the last to sleep still she is never irritated or throws tantrums. Instead she tolerates our tantrums. When I feel low, I call her. When I feel happy, I call her. She has the answers to everything. Be it dating problems to diet problems to study problems. Being a woman, I always pray that when I become a mother, I become at least half of what my mom is. 

Trust me, its true. Mother knows best. 



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