A Bad Day?

It was a big day for me. I was prepared. I had a presentation and I was all ready for it. I am a very confident person when it comes to giving presentations. But I did not not know what the day was going to be for me!

I went to take two hard bound copies of my report which I had given for printout a day earlier. It so happened that one copy was missing. I freaked out inside but soon told myself to calm down. It was ok. They searched for it and came to know that it was in the next block shop. I tried to remain calm and went to get it. An hour was remaining. I went to my guide to get them signed. It so happened that he refused to sign saying that I should have first asked his permission before getting my report printed and bounded. Another stroke. Ok, I told myself, be calm. It will be fine. I was on the verge of tears but did not cry. After a while , after convincing him, I got my report signed. What a relief I thought. But no, the day was not over. I went to the classroom assigned to me. There were already nervous looking students sitting , holing their reports and laptops. I joined them. I was feeling ok now. All the troubles were over. Then I got the news. The professor who was assigned to take our presentation was like the Drgaon Lady of my University. Everyone went pale with fear. I did not know much about her so thought maybe the kids are over-reacting. I was so wrong. 

When my name was called , I got up confidently and started my presentation. Just in five minutes, she made me feel as if coming here was the worst mistake. She humiliated me, just like the kids before me , and said my work was rubbish. I took it all. It was the worst stroke. I tried to tell her but she would not listen. And then i  was asked to leave and the next victim was called. I had tears in my eyes.I had worked hard for this.  I called up my mother and started crying asking why my day had to be so bad!?? It was the worst day. My mother said she would come and pick me up. 


I waited. Just then I saw my friend sitting outside the block, crying. I went up to him and asked what was the matter. And he said that his friend had an accident and passed away. And then I saw his parents.They had come to pick his stuff .  At the same time, my mother dropped by. She saw it all and just held my hand. “Your day was still better”. 

I understood, even though everything went wrong, I was alive , with my family and friends. It was not a bad day after all!! 



4 thoughts on “A Bad Day?

  1. Jade Reyner says:

    A tough day and a very sad lesson learned. That woman sounds horrible and I don’t see why people have to be so derogatory – what do they gain from it? Well done you for holding your head high and my condolences to your friend.

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