Don’t Pretend!!

Now a days, life is not that simple as it used to be. There are far more complications in ordering a cup of coffee than it used to be. Relationships have more complicated statuses that the simple “single” and “married” ones.  Getting a child admission in kindergarden is far more complex than it was back when I took admission. And it goes on and on.

I sat alone and wondered about it and something struck me!! According to me, (and I might be wrong) the reason things are complex are because people  pretend so much. Everyone. People pretend to love someone when they don’t. People pretend to be so ethical when they are filthy hypocrites. People pretend to be trust-worthy when they are actually back stabbers.  All these thoughts actually made my head ache.


I have this really bad urge to shake everyone of them and say “DON’T PRETEND!!” Just be who you are. Why do you have make things so complicated?? Why can’t things be simple? Straight forward!! I wish world was a simpler place where no one would pretend. Please people, Don’t pretend.




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