The Rebel

This world if full of good and bad things. Something which you might think is good might be bad for someone else. It’s all about what you think and how you react. 

People use the term ,”black sheep of the family”. It means someone in the family who has brought shame to them and has been a rebel. But what is a rebel?? i wondered about it and suddenly stumbled upon an answer. 

According to my understanding , rebels are someone who listen to their hearts. They do not care what other’s think. They do not seek approval as they are secure within. They follow their heart and dreams. They do what they think is right by them. It might be wrong for others. You can never really objectify as to who is completely right and who is completely wrong. Who are we to decide?? And who says what we decide is right?? It’s all a game in this world. People play not knowing who is the actual winner. 


Robin Hood was a rebel. Was he bad?? Che Guevara was a rebel. Today people worship him and his ideologies.  All these people were rebels no doubt. But who are we to decide wether being a rebel is the right thing to do?? 



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