The Change!!

CHANGE!! Something which is bound to happen no matter what. Everything changes in life, doesn’t it?! 

We are born , and then we shoot up to be adults living independently.

We can’t stay without our parents in our younger days , and then we can’t wait to get a place of our own. 

In childhood, our mother smothering us with her love and affection is amazing, and then it becomes embarrassing as we grow up. 

We love someone dearly , give them our time and love. Suddenly one day, they walk out of your life and you are scared to live without them. 

A person who has worked in an organization for years is suddenly fired. He will be devastated as the change is too much to take. 

I agree that change is inevitable. But the time it takes to accept the change is hard. Change is scary even if it it for a good cause. Nobody likes change, thats true. But isn’t it how this universe works ? How we came into being ?Isn’t this how evolution works?  How everything came into being ? 





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