one of those days…..

“God, why me? Why does this happen to only me??” 

“Seriously, one after the other!! Why this day? Why me?” 

These are some of the questions asked by someone who has had a really bad day. A rough day. What do other people say who listen to that someone. “It’s ok. It’s just one of those days.” 

Well, for YOU it might be just one of those days, but for the person who goes through it, it’s like a week or maybe a month. The misery goes on and on. There is no stopping. You start loathing your life on that particular day. You cry alone. You shout alone. You break things. Still things don’t get better.  Some might even think of committing suicides. It has happened to many . What do you do then??


NOTHING. You cannot do anything except go through it, take it all. Don’t expect anyone else to understand because nobody except you CAN possibly understand what you are going through. It happened to me. There was a day every recently when all things which could possibly go wrong went wrong. I cried. I felt as if I was slowly sinking in quicksand and I had no escape. I turned to someone for help. Got none. It was all tears and helplessness. A pit in my stomach which made me nauseous. But somehow, after the tears and the anger and the self loathing, I made it through the day. The next day when I woke up all I thought was , “well, it was just one of those days” 

So never give up my friends. Life moves on. You just have to hold on . 




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